About Mickey Burrow

Mickey Burrow

I am Mickey Burrow (born on May 25, 1973 in Fresno, California, USA) and welcome to my Paranormal Research and Investigations web site. I am a Paranormal researcher based in Fresno, California, and I have publicly investigated claims of the Paranormal since 2007. With over 24 years as a photographer, and nearly 14 years as a forensic / law enforcement photographer, I specialize in examining photographic evidence of the Paranormal. By using scientific photographic methods, and through logical investigation, I can render an unbiased opinion about Paranormal photographs or validity of video evidence. Most Paranormal photographs or videos can be explained or debunked by using these methods. However, in some instances they can not. I pride myself and work in full honesty, integrity, and professionalism.  All examinations and investigations are done non-profit and there are no fees for any of my services.  Services can also be totally confidential.